Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-disciplinary teams

Our rehabilitation teams of physiotherapists and doctors reinforce the benign nature and good prognosis of musculoskeletal pain. This, combined with objective measurements of the patient’s progress, resulting in diminished fear of pain and increased self-efficacy beliefs. Changing behaviour needs a progressive and goal orientated approach!

Physiotherapist – Movement specialist

A physiotherapist is specialised in treating and rehabilitating people with movement disorders and conditions that affects the physical functioning. They assess the extent of the injury, control pain and swelling, restore normal movement around the joint and initiate rehabilitation. The scope of practice could include the manual approaches of mobilisation, manipulation, dry needling and direct soft tissue release of the musculoskeletal system.

Before you sign up

This programme is suitable for anyone suffering from chronic axial neck and back pain. All patients are evaluated for risk factors and their programmes are managed according to these risk factors.

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Terms and conditions as per scheme rules apply.

Our DBC (Documentation Based Care) Active spinal rehabilitation programme is covered by most medical aids. Please contact your medical aid to determine what they will cover. Terms and conditions as per scheme rules apply. Patients are held liable for the full cost until their medical aid settles the account.

Please contact your medical aid and request to be registered on the chronic back and neck rehabilitation programme (if your medical aid covers the programme). Once registered, or should you have any queries, please contact your closest Fx Health Clinic on 021 461 2457 (choose option 1 for Cape Town and option 2 for Northern Suburbs).

Each programme is based on your comprehensive history and includes a clinical assessment of your symptoms and pain you are experiencing, active exercises and individual guidance on how to use the spine to maximise your daily activities and minimise your pain.

Your first appointment comprises an initial consultation with the doctor. These assessments will guide the team to structure a programme that is suitable for your risk levels and personal goals.

Hard work pays off. With anything in life, what you put in is what you will get out. We will do everything in our ability to get you on the road to be better health, but part of your success lies in your hands. To enjoy the maximum benefit of the programme, it is of paramount importance to stay consistent with your treatment. Show up for every appointment, do your homework, set goals and have a positive attitude!

In short, you will need dedication, compliance, consistency, open communication and a need for change!

Before your first appointment

FX Health Cape Town has four dedicated parking bays (35–38) on the mezzanine level; that is, the first parking level. The entrance to the parking is on 37 Barrack Street. Since Barrack Street is a one-way, access to the building is obtained from Buitenkant Street. You will be greeted by security, who will show you where to park. The pedestrian entrance can be found on 50 Harrington Street, next to the Bootlegger Coffee Company.

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FX Health Bellville is located on 19 Pasita Street, Bellville. You can park where you see the “Reserved for FX Health” parking signs. There are three parking bays right in front of our unit and one across from our unit next to the boundary wall.

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Once you have parked, the security guard on duty will direct you where to go. In the slight chance that there is no guard, you are welcome to give us a call on 021 461 2457 and we will come and greet you at your car and accompany you to the practice. The pedestrian entrance can be found in 50 Harrington Street, next to the Bootlegger Coffee Company.

  • Wear something comfortable that won’t restrict your movement.
  • Bring your medical aid card and identity book as well as any scans or reports from previous doctors related to your back or neck condition.

Your initial assessment will be approximately 60-90 minutes long. The length of the remaining treatment sessions will be determined by your treating clinicians. However, be prepared to be available for 90 minutes, twice a week.

To ensure that you get the best possible care, please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment. With all of the necessary information and administration out of the way, our practitioners will be in a position to give you their best advice and care.