The Movement Specialists

Fx Health provides the DBC Active Spinal rehabilitation program.
This treatment protocol is applied worldwide to treat and manage back and neck conditions.
The cornerstone of this program is progressive, functional exercise and pain neuroscience education.


Our rehabilitation teams of physiotherapists and doctors reinforce the benign nature and good prognosis
of musculoskeletal pain. Changing behaviour needs a progressive and goal orientated approach!


We are Movement Specialists!


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DBC Active Spinal Rehabilitation

The DBC Active Spinal Rehabilitation program is an established evidence-based and guided
therapy method with proven results*.


Reduced neck pain


Increased neck range of motion


Less (neck) fear avoidant behaviour


Reduced back pain


Increased back range of motion


Less (back) fear avoidant behaviour

The DBC Active Spinal Rehabilitation Program has 85% success
rate after 3-9 weeks of treatment.

*Information provided by DBC South Africa, Licensed by Klinikka (Pty) Ltd. 

The Benefits

The DBC treatment concept is translated into practice by a

combination of assessment, treatment, and outcome-monitoring

protocols. These protocols are all evidence based.


What our patients say

I absolutely enjoyed being there. I felt great, also encouraged. Thank you.

Jessel Davids

I am very thankful that the therapy received helped a great deal with alleviating my back pain. The service received overall was outstanding. Thank you so much!

René August

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