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Proven benefits of
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Using an interdisciplinary team that includes medical doctors & physiotherapists, the DBC protocol is evidence and outcome-based, with a proven record of 85% success rate after 3-9 weeks of treatment.


Proven benefits of the DBC program
Patients that completed the DBC program nationally experienced:


Reduced Neck Trouble


Reduced neck pain


Less neck impairment


Increased back rotation mobility


Reduced back pain


Less back impairment

Treatment Steps

First steps
Register medical aid
Register with your medical aid
Call us to book your initial assessment
treatment programme
DBC Active Spinal Rehabilitation Program
Pain Neuroscience Education
Progress check after 6th and 12th treatment
Initial assessment
Fill in our questionnaires prior to your consult. Initial clinical assessment includes a detailed history and clinical examination.
final assessment
Clinical Assessment
Let’s see how much you have improved – Complete our outcome questionnaires
Plan for follow up treatment if indicated
planning treatment
We will provide you with our recommendation for a treatment plan.

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follow up
Follow-up with FX Health
Maintenance Treatment


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