Terms & Conditions


This document details the Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) which apply to Dr Lienka Botha & Partners PR0453625 (referred to herein as “FX Health”)’s provision of its medical health and other related services (“Services”) to you and/or people or children under your guardianship, at its nominated FX Health address or otherwise.

These Terms consist of, and details, three (3) main components of FX Health’s services, the completion and application of which are necessary for your lawful and convenient engagement with FX Health and its practitioners:

  1. Terms of Service; and
  2. FX Health Privacy and Personal Data Policy;
  3. Patient Information

Please pay specific attention to the BOLD provisions of the FX Health Terms. These provisions limit the risk or liability of FX Health and its practitioners, constitutes an assumption of risk or liability by you, impose an obligation by you to indemnify FX Health or is an acknowledgement of any fact by you.

  • You may also have to provide your confirmation of particular features of these Terms. This is to confirm that you are explicitly aware of the conditions of that particular clause, but does not mean that all other clauses are any less important to note.
  • Please contact us if you, as the patient or guardian, do not understand any of the clauses below, where we shall gladly explain further. Do not sign or accept these Terms if you do not understand or agree to them.
  • Patients will be provided a copy of your completed and accepted Terms by email and/or hard copy.
  • The definitions used in these Terms are not necessarily defined in order.
  • The Website and these Terms are subject to change without notice. These Terms are updated or amended from time to time and will be effective upon FX Health uploading the amended Terms to the Website and by notifying you by email. Your continued access or use of the Website, use of FX Health Services and/or registration as a patient with FX Health constitutes your acceptance to be bound by the Terms, and as amended. It is your responsibility to read these Terms periodically to ensure you are aware of any changes.
  • Dr Lienka Botha & Partners (t/a “FX Health”) is registered under South African medical practice number 0453625.
  • These Terms were last updated on: 2019/07/01.

Terms of service

    1. You warrant that you understand and agree that in healthcare, results cannot be guaranteed. Results also depend on how one’s individual body reacts to the treatment, which is unique to every single patient.
    2. You warrant that you understand and agree that your own behaviour or actions may affect the outcome or results of the healthcare or treatment received from FX Health and/or its practitioners.
    3. You agree to follow the instructions provided to you by your relevant healthcare practitioner, including the need to take certain medications, or attend follow-up consultations, where if you fail to do this, you agree to undertake to not hold FX Health and/or any of its staff, professional or otherwise, liable for any direct or indirect negative consequence, damages, injury, death or loss sustained due to your failures or breach of these Terms.
    4. You warrant that you have been informed about the benefits and risks of the treatment you have chosen to pursue with FX Health, and indemnify FX Health and its practitioners against any consequences arising out of your treatment decision.
    1. Fees are set according to the following principles:
      1. FX Health bills according to a billing policy, where it charges the fees it regards as appropriate in terms of the experience, services and training of the professionals working in the practice, as well as the cost-base of the practice.
      2. We may also apply prescribed medical codes in determining the cost of treatment, where a general fee list of the most common codes we charge is available from our accounts department. Please email accounts@fxhealth.co.za, phone 021 461 2457 or ask our Practice Manager for such a list.
      3. The general fee terms relating to private (i.e. non-medical scheme) patients are available on request from our staff, but will be brought to your attention prior to commencing any of our services with you.
      4. The terms and tariffs applicable to medical scheme patients vary from scheme to scheme, and even from option to option (plan to plan). You must obtain those details from your chosen scheme. If you are concerned about the amounts you need to pay your scheme, you have to talk to your scheme.
      5. Our fees include your FX Health visit (i.e. the consultation) and any equipment or medicines used in the consultation.
      6. Our fees exclude the costs of any third-party service provider, including specialist referrals, who provides medical services to you which are not within our practice or are not directly related to our treatment of you, including other specialist or general practitioners, pathologists (for blood tests), radiologists (for X-rays and scans), biokineticists, osteopaths, psychologists, psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, other pain clinics, hospitals, theatres, clinics, occupational therapists or physiotherapists. These services are procured privately between you and your chosen third-party service provider. You have to discuss fees due to third-party service providers, directly with those third-party service providers, where FX Health is under no obligation to assist you in doing so.
    2. FX Health fees may be increased on an annual basis and patients will be notified of this via email.
    3. Please note that the cost and type of healthcare and treatment you receive depends on how your body reacts to treatments, where your practitioner may need to alter or vary a chosen treatment at some point during your engagement and treatment with them. FX Health and your practitioner will always advise you of the need for any treatment or service changes, where any variance to cost to you will be brought to your attention as soon as is reasonably possible, and which costs you will be liable to pay to FX Health.
    4. The law allows us to step in to save your life, or to prevent or reduce harm to you, without your direct prior consent. In providing these emergency services, we are entitled to, and will, charge you for the costs of these particular emergency services provided by FX Health.
    5. Directly after each consultation and before you leave FX Health premises, you may be presented with an invoice reflecting the fees due to FX Health for the services rendered to you. In the unlikely event that you do not receive this invoice directly after our consultation, nor within 30 (thirty) days after the relevant services were provided to you, please let FX Health know immediately.
    6. If we are contracted to your medical aid:
      1. Please provide us with the following information when registering your medical scheme with FX Health: Driver’s license OR Identity document, as well as your current valid Medical Aid Plan Membership Card. If you fail to provide us with the correct and most updated information in a timely manner, you will be held responsible for payment of services rendered.
      2. If you rely on medical aid for the payment of any FX Health fees, it is your responsibility to have a fully covered medical aid membership when contracting with us for services. We may need to confirm or verify that the person indicated on any FX Health patient form as belonging to a scheme as a principal member or dependent, is indeed a member with a valid membership at the date of visiting FX Health or its practitioners.
      3. We may provide you with an invoice for the fees incurred by you for the services rendered to you by FX Health immediately after the conclusion of your treatment, or consultation, as the case may be. You must settle this invoice with FX Health within 30 (thirty) days of the services being rendered to you, which period shall include any time needed by your medical aid to pay on your behalf.
      4. We may contract to certain medical schemes (or medical scheme options) in a particular year. In such cases we will be obliged to charge at the levels so agreed with that scheme.
      5. We are currently (2019) contracted to the following prominent medical aids, amongst others: AECI, Barloworld, Bonitas, Fedhealth, GEMS, MBMed, Medshield, Nedgroup, Old Mutual Staff Medical Aid, Keyhealth, Medihelp, Topmed, Selfmed, WCMA’s, Polmed, SABC Medical Aid, Sasolmed, Agility Health Solutions Health Squared, Bankmed, Malcor Option D, Makoti Comprehensive, Makoti Primary Care Option, MSO administered medical aids, Libcare, Building & Construction Industry, Compare Wellness, Grintek Electronics, Tigerbrands, Transmed. This list is however non-exhaustive, and we can gladly provide a full and applicable list on request.
      6. You consent to us submitting your invoice to your medical scheme as nominated by you. This does not mean that the scheme has received the invoice or that they accept liability for the invoice. The complete payment of your invoice stays your responsibility until it has been fully settled. You need to check with your medical aid that the invoice will be fully settled. Alternatively, you first need to settle the invoice in full with FX Health, and then claim back from your medical aid. Should you not be able to settle your invoice immediately, you need to complete an acknowledgment of debt and arrange payment options with the FX Health accounts department.
      7. In some cases, medical schemes will only pay a portion of the treatment costs, and there is then still a part of the fees outstanding to FX Health. You are liable to pay any such outstanding balance to us within 30 (thirty) calendar days of the date appearing on the invoice you receive from us.
      8. If your invoice is not fully paid and settled with FX Health after the required 30 (thirty) calendar days, we will:
        1. give you notice, in terms of applicable South African credit legislation, after 20 (twenty) working days that your invoice is in arrears, and must be duly settled with us. If you still fail to fully settle your invoice within another 10 (ten) days from the dispatch of our notice to you, the invoice will be handed over for debt collection. This may result in negative consequences for you, such as you acquiring a bad credit record. You will also be responsible for all costs relating to the debt collecting, such as commissions and fees levied by the debt collector; and/or
        2. charge you interest on any outstanding amounts at a rate of 2 (two) percent, compounded monthly, in arrears. You undertake to pay any such interest along with the outstanding balance to FX Health.
      9. If you wish to claim back from your medical scheme the amount for services rendered by FX Health to you, it is your responsibility to inform us of the relevant information you wish to have appear on your invoice which FX Health shall deliver to them.
      10. Also note that your medical scheme may require pre-authorisation and/or a motivation prior to paying for, or authorising certain treatments. Pre-authorisation or scheme approval is no guarantee of payment, according to the schemes themselves.
      11. If you feel that your medical scheme should have paid in full for a treatment, or if you did not receive the services you think you should have received from your scheme, you can lay a complaint at the Council for Medical Schemes by fax: (012) 431-0608 or at this email address: complaints@medicalschemes.com. If you feel that terms and conditions of your scheme are unfair or benefits were not communicated clearly, you can complain at the National Consumer Commission at fax: 086 151 5229.
    7. If we are not contracted with your medical aid:
      1. We do not submit invoices to medical schemes with whom we do not have a contract.
      2. For once-off consultations, we will provide you with an invoice for the fees incurred by you for the services rendered, immediately after the conclusion of your treatment, or consultation, as the case may be. You have to settle this invoice with us immediately after your consultation and before you leave FX Health’s premises, or that of its practitioner.
    8. For repeat treatments we will provide you with a cost estimate before we begin treatment with you.
      1. We will provide you with the various factors in calculating the cost estimate, including applicable medical codes and their Rand value. This is merely an estimate, as treatment on the day may vary, which may have an effect on the fee finally charged to you, which you understand and accept to pay.
      2. As part of the total estimate provided to you, the patient will receive 2 (two) estimates comprising the total estimate amount; from the doctor and physiotherapist.
      3. If we are contracted with your medical aid, we will submit the expense claim on your behalf, but you are still responsible for the full payment of any fees due to FX Health.
      4. If we are not contracted with your medical aid, payment of the full amount needs to be made immediately upon presentation of the invoice, being directly after treatment.
    9. You, as an adult patient or as a guardian of a minor patient under your guardianship, remain fully liable to settle your full invoice, irrespective of whether your medical aid scheme gave pre-authorisation for such payment or treatment, or not. This also applies if you are a dependent on someone else’s medical scheme.
    10. We accept the following forms of payment:
      1. Medical Aid assisted payments;
      2. Debit or Credit Card (MasterCard & Visa cards); and
      3. Cash
    11. We do not accept the following forms of payment:
      1. Cheque; and
      2. Diners Club or American Express Cards.
    12. We offer a 10% (ten percent) discount for payments received immediately for any treatments rendered, and which are not covered by your medical aid.
    1. When FX Health, or its practitioners are late or need to cancel an appointment:
      1. Although we will do our best to render the Services at the time we set with you, there is always an inherent risk in our industry, due to its nature, that sometimes a previous patient’s appointment may require a longer time as envisaged, or an emergency occurs requiring our services, having an effect on the timeousness of the Services to be rendered to you.
      2. By agreeing to our Terms and using our Services, you agree to this uncertainty and will not hold FX Health liable for any losses or damage suffered by you as a result of such unpredictable contingencies occurring. We will however, and whenever possible, inform you if such contingencies are occurring and will have an effect on you or your appointment, and endeavour to provide you with the Services as soon as reasonable possible in the context.
    2. When a patient is late for an appointment or cancels an appointment:
      1. In accordance with all applicable medical and consumer protection laws on the subject, the following charges may be incurred by you, which you expressly agree to, and for which you will be liable to pay to FX Health, in the following scenarios:
        1. Arriving late for an appointment: If you arrive late for an appointment, FX Health may still charge you the full amount of a complete appointment even though you may not make use of the whole time allotted to you. FX Health or the relevant practitioner may also have to cancel the rest of a remaining appointment if you arrive late, as such late attendance causes serious detriment to all subsequent bookings and appointments of other patients, nor does it allow your practitioner to provide you with the correct medical treatment as is required of them. Further, FX Health is under no obligation to extend your appointment without charging you a further appointment fee.
        2. Canceling an appointment with more than 24 (twenty-four) hours’ prior notice: FX Health will not charge you any charge or fee if this notice is provided timeously. FX Health may then assist you in rescheduling your treatment or appointment within any original treatment period, for no additional charge. If you need to reschedule outside of an originally agreed period, FX Health may charge you a reasonable fee in order to facilitate this exceptional request, as it may have a detrimental effect on other patients’ planned treatment periods. Please also be aware that should you have to reschedule your treatment outside of any originally-scheduled period, your medical aid scheme may not or no longer contribute to payment of FX Health fees, where you remain fully liable for any required payment to FX Health.
        3. Canceling an appointment with less than 24 (twenty-four) hours’ prior notice or simply not arriving at all: FX Health will charge you a reasonable cancellation or no-show fee of R300 (three hundred Rand) per specialist-consultation missed, due to the customized nature of the Services you failed to utilise, and the inability of FX Health to arrange a replacement patient to mitigate its losses in such a short time. For example, if you miss an appointment to see 2 (two) practitioners, you will be charged R600 (R300 per practitioner).
    1. FX Health maintains confidentiality over, and protects, all personal information provided to us by patients, and holds it in confidence to the full extent required by law.
    2. We will use your information only in relation to your healthcare, or in relation to our permitted uses, contained in our Privacy Policy herein.
    3. As and when required, we keep all of your information confidential and do not disclose it to anyone without your prior written permission, including when you are a child over the age of 12 (twelve). We can only release information with your written consent, even if a family member requests the information. Please provide us with that written consent if you want us to be able to disclose certain information to a specified family member or third party. This is legal requirement and no exceptions will be entertained.
    4. The following special cases exist where the law compels us to disclose your personal information, and by agreeing to our Services and these Terms, you acknowledge this legal duty that we have to disclose:
      1. to your medical scheme: a diagnostic code and details of the treatment and/or operation, so that the scheme can evaluate whether it falls within your benefits;
      2. to referring healthcare professionals and/or third parties legitimately involved in your care: information that is necessary and in your best interest will be shared with necessary healthcare professionals in terms of the applicable health and other legislation.
    5. We keep and may use and/or sell anonymised information (i.e. without your name, identity number or address) to companies who collect this data to track trends in healthcare services.
    6. You understand and agree that some medical schemes provide all information on all the dependents on a scheme to the principal (main) member. We do not accept liability for any such personal information that is disclosed as a result of the scheme’s actions, and you should direct queries on this matter to the relevant medical scheme you belong to.
    7. For further and complete provisions on how we process your personal information, please review our Privacy Policy.
    1. You confirm that you agree and understand that, as a parent or legal guardian for a ward in your care, you are legally liable to cover the cost of your child’s or ward’s healthcare provided by FX Health, even if applicable children’s legislation allows a child over the age of 12 (twelve) to provide their own consent to treatment without your consent.
    1. Pharmacy and health legislation prevents us from taking back any equipment we have provided to you in the scope of treatment. We can also not refund you in these circumstances. This is for safety and healthcare purposes.
    2. If there is a proven quality or performance fault with the goods we have provided you, we will contact the relevant supplier of such goods, who will deal with the matter with you directly. They will decide on whether a repair, refund or replacement would be provided, in conjunction with your applicable rights. Note that each manufacturer may have its own rules regarding for example, refunds and defects, in this regard.
    3. In general, if you have made changes to the goods or did not use them as prescribed, you may have invalidated any warranty existing over those goods, or limit your rights in terms of a refund, replacement or repair.
    1. You must adhere to the rules of FX Health and any legitimate instructions given to you by staff or healthcare professionals.
    2. You have the right to ask questions and to have them answered. If you do not ask any questions, we will assume that you have understood everything and accept everything.
    3. You and/or your family or other persons that use the services of FX Health, must not harass the healthcare professionals and staff. They must be treated with respect. If not, we are allowed by law to refuse to treat, or to continue to treat, you or your children. In such cases, we may, in our sole discretion, refer you to another healthcare provider for medical treatment, notwithstanding that you are still liable to FX Health for any costs incurred with us for treatment already provided by FX Health to you.
    1. As part of your receipt of Services or treatment from FX Health or any of its practitioners, you understand and agree that the following may apply, which you hereby expressly consent to:
      1. In order to perform certain assessments and treatment on you, the practitioners may need to uncover specific parts of your body and make physical contact to provide an effective treatment. This will be carried out in a professional manner and protecting privacy at all times;
      2. The treatment and interventions that will be performed on you will be subject to the relevant practitioner’s performance of the relevant safety tests and evaluation, and taking the relevant precautions before commencing, as required; and
      3. When receiving dry-needling treatment, the patient shall receive an explanation of the treatment, and any patient concerns and questions shall be answered when performing the treatment technique.
    1. Every person utilizing a FX Health premises for whatever reason is responsible for the safety and security of their own personal belongings and FX Health and/or its practitioners will not be held liable for any loss, damage or theft thereof.
    2. Every person utilizing any parking area at a FX Health premises does so entirely at their own risk.
    3. To the fullest extent allowed in law, FX Health, its members, employees, directors, practitioners and partners, accept no liability whatsoever loss, damages, harm, injury or death whether direct or indirect, consequential or arising from your use of the Services and/or transactions or actions resulting therefrom. You specifically understand and agree that some FX Health treatments may have an unknown consequence, which you accept all responsibility for, and shall indemnify FX Health for any losses or harm sustained, as detailed in this clause 9.
    4. FX Health, its members, employees, partners, practitioners and affiliates, accept no liability whatsoever for any costs, expenses, fines or damages, including but not limited to direct or indirect loss or damages, including any economic loss, consequential loss, loss of profits or any form of punitive damages, resulting from the facilitation and offering of the Services, and access to, or use of, the Services in any manner.
    5. You indemnify and hold harmless FX Health, its members, employees, practitioners and partners from any demand, action or application or other proceedings, including for attorneys’ fees and related costs such as tracing fees, made by any third party and arising out of or in connection with your use of the Services offered or concluded with FX Health in any way.
    6. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold FX Health harmless from any direct or indirect liability, loss, claim and expense (including reasonable legal fees) related to your breach of these Terms.

FX Health privacy and personal data policy

    1. FX Health respects your privacy and your personal information, and will take reasonable measures to protect it, as more fully detailed below.
    2. Should you decide to register as a patient with us, or use any of our online websites, blogs or platforms (“Website”), FX Health may collect, collate, process, and use the following types of information about you when you use the Website or our Services (“personal information”), which you hereby expressly consent to FX Health doing:
      1. Information provided by the patient
        FX Health processes regular personal information (that is conventional information about the patient that is personally identifiable including, but not limited to, the patient’s full name, address, age, work experience, e-mail address, phone number(s), passwords, product and service preferences and contact preferences that are not otherwise publicly available);
        FX Health also processes special personal information (that is information about the patient that is sensitive and personally identifiable including, but not limited to, the patient’s medical history, race, gender, biological information, medical scheme information, medical preferences and minor-patient’s information that are not otherwise publicly available);
      2. Information that is collected automatically
        FX Health receives and stores information which is transmitted automatically from the patient’s computer when the patient browses the internet and visits the Website. This information may include information from “cookies” (which are described in clause 1.14 below), the patient’s Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, browser type, web beacons, geo-locationary information, embedded web links, and other commonly used information-gathering tools. These tools collect certain standard information that your browser sends to the Website such as your browser type and language, access times, and the address from which you arrived at the Website.
    3. FX Health’s processing of your personal information is exclusively required for the proper medical treatment and care of you and/or your ward, as a patient, as well as the management of administration services and other related healthcare services related thereto.
    4. Should your personal information change, please inform FX Health and provide FX Health with updates to your personal information as soon as reasonably possible to enable FX Health to update it. FX Health is however under no obligation to ensure that your personal information or other information supplied by you is correct.
    5. You warrant that the personal information disclosed to FX Health or the Website is directly from you as the patient or in connection to the Services, and all such personal information is lawfully yours to provide in your own private or representative capacity.
    6. You may choose to provide additional personal information to FX Health, in which event you agree to provide accurate and current information, and, generally, not to impersonate or misrepresent any person or entity or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with anyone or anything.
    7. Any processing of your personal information will be reservedly for FX Health’s legitimate business purposes and as a necessary function of your engagement with the Website and/or the Services, and you have hereby consented to this, but FX Health will not:
      1. use your personal information for any purpose other than as set out below:
        1. to contact you in order to engage with you regarding Services you have received from FX Health, or payment related thereto;
        2. to provide and optimize the healthcare service that you receive;
        3. to contact you regarding current or new information, products or Services or any other Service offered by FX Health or any of FX Health’s divisions and/or partners (unless you have opted out from receiving marketing material from FX Health, possible through same contact); and
        4. to improve FX Health’s Services selection and your experience on the Website by, for example, monitoring your browsing habits, or tracking your interaction on the Website; or
      2. disclose your personal information to any third party other than as set out below:
        1. to FX Health’s practitioners, employees or contracted third party service providers who assist FX Health to interact with you via the Website or in relation to the Services, for the engagement of their services, and thus need to know your personal information in order to assist FX Health to communicate with you properly and efficiently;
        2. to third party processors and assistants who provide FX Health with services which may have to use your personal information, such as Google mail services, medical processors or survey companies;
        3. to third party medical professionals, healthcare institutions or social services, insurance companies, medical aid schemes, medical aid scheme administrators and managed healthcare organisations, who may process your personal information if it is necessary for assessing a risk or treatment to be insured or covered by a medical aid scheme, the performance of an insurance or medical aid agreement or enforcement of any contractual rights and obligations;
        4. to law enforcement, government officials, fraud detection agencies or other third parties when FX Health believes in good faith that the disclosure of personal information is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss, to report or support the investigation into suspected illegal activity or the contravention of an applicable law, or to investigate violations of these Terms and/or the Website’s other policies; and
        5. to FX Health’s service providers (under contract with FX Health) who help with parts of FX Health’s business operations (such as fraud prevention, technology services). However, FX Health’s contracts dictate that these service providers may only use your information in connection with the services they perform for FX Health, not for their own benefit and under the same standards as how FX Health operates.
    8. FX Health is entitled to use or disclose your personal information if such use or disclosure is required in order to comply with any applicable law, subpoena, order of court or legal process served on FX Health, or to protect and defend FX Health’s rights or property. In the event of a fraudulent EFT payment or misuse of the provided banking details, FX Health is entitled to disclose relevant personal information for criminal investigation purposes or in line with any other legal obligation for disclosure of the personal information which may be required of it.
    9. FX Health will ensure that all of its employees, third party service providers, divisions and partners (including their employees and third party service providers) having access to your personal information are bound by appropriate and legally binding confidentiality obligations and process your personal information at standards equal to or higher than FX Health’s in relation to your personal information.
    10. FX Health will:
      1. treat your personal information as strictly confidential, save where FX Health is entitled to share it as set out in this policy or by law;
      2. take appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure that your personal information is kept secure and is protected against unauthorised or unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage, alteration, disclosure or access;
      3. provide you with reasonable access to your personal information to view and/or update personal details;
      4. promptly notify you if FX Health becomes aware of any unauthorised use, disclosure or processing of your personal information;
      5. provide you with reasonable evidence of FX Health’s compliance with its obligations under this policy on reasonable notice and request; and
      6. upon your request, promptly correct, return or destroy any and all of your personal information in FX Health’s possession or control, save for that which FX Health is legally obliged or entitled to retain (acknowledging that some Website functionality or Service provision might be lost if certain personal information is amended or destroyed).
    11. Our regular retention practices will require us to hold your medical information in perpetuity in order to ensure that we have your medical information in case you need medical treatment from us in the future, or such information is required by another authorised third party, and you hereby expressly consent to this retention. We will however not retain any of your personal information which is not relevant for this purpose, as soon as it no longer becomes relevant.
    12. FX Health undertakes never to sell or make your personal information available to any third party other than as provided for in this policy.
    13. Whilst FX Health will do all things reasonably necessary to protect your rights of privacy, FX Health cannot guarantee or accept any liability whatsoever for unauthorised or unlawful disclosures of your personal information, whilst in FX Health’s possession, made by third parties who are not subject to FX Health’s control, unless such disclosure is as a result of FX Health’s gross negligence or fraud.
    14. If you disclose your personal information to a third party, such as an entity which operates a website linked to this Website or anyone other than FX Health, FX Health shall not be liable for any loss or damage, howsoever arising, suffered by you as a result of the disclosure of such information to the third party. This is because FX Health does not regulate or control how that third party uses your personal information. You should always ensure that you read the privacy policy of any third party.
    15. This Website may make use of “cookies” to automatically collect information and data through the standard operation of the internet servers. “Cookies” are small text files a website can use (and which FX Health may use) to recognise repeat users and patients, facilitate the patient’s on-going access to and use of a website and allow a website to track usage behaviour and compile aggregate data that will allow the website operator to improve the functionality of the website and its content, and to display more focused advertising to a patient by way of third party tools. The type of information collected by “cookies” is not used to personally identify you. If you do not want information collected through the use of cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that allows you to deny or accept the “cookie” feature. Please note that “cookies” may be necessary to provide you with certain features available on the Website, and thus if you disable the “cookies” on your browser you may not be able to use those features, and your access to the Website will therefore be limited. If you do not disable “cookies”, you are deemed to consent to FX Health’s use of any personal information collected using those “cookies”, subject to the provisions of these Terms.
    16. The patient is entitled to request access to any relevant personal data held by FX Health and where such access is necessary for you to exercise and/or protect any of the patient’s rights. For any personal data held by any third party, the patient must approach that party for the realisation of the patient’s personal data rights with them, and not with FX Health.
    17. Please be advised that this Privacy Policy and our operations are all interpreted, applied and/or are in accordance with, the privacy and data protection laws of the Republic of South Africa, as we are a South African practice focused on providing services to South African patients. Should you be a citizen of a territory other than the Republic of South Africa with the result that additional privacy laws apply to the processing of your personal information, please contact us so that we may gladly assist you in manifesting those rights, and ensuring that you are fully protected as required. You can contact us at accounts@fxhealth.co.za for any such assistance.
    18. Patients understand that there are risks involved in sharing personal information, where the patient assumes all such risks.